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Nintendo Announces New Nintendo Switch Console (Formerly NX)

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:46AM

Yesterday, Nintendo of America teased on Twitter that a preview trailer for the company's next console, widely known as the Nintendo NX, would be released today. That trailer is indeed out now and shows off the Nintendo Switch, the official name for the NX, and Switch is an appropriate moniker for this hybrid device. If you watch the trailer, embedded below, you will see it goes between being a traditional console form factor and a mobile tablet design by pulling the tablet portion out of the console dock.

The Joy-Con controller also sports a modular design, with the controls being housed on two parts that can attach to the side of the tablet. If you want a more traditional feel to the controller you can get the Switch Pro Controller or attach them to the Joy-Con Grip accessory. You can also hold the two separate parts in your hands, or even hand one off to a friend, as both feature a joystick and four-button layout. Multiple systems can be connected for some local multiplayer, too.

As had been rumored about before, the system uses game cards, instead of the optical disks consoles have been using for so many years now. Given the portable capabilities of the Switch's design, this makes sense. I did look closely at the video and could not see any other card slots on the device, but that does not have to mean anything. When you watch the video, you will see something that should come as good news to those hoping to see Nintendo re-enter the 'hardcore' game market. A good portion of the Switch gameplay is of Bethesda's The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In the linked-to press release, Bethesda and many other companies are listed among the publishers, developers, and middleware partners supporting the console. Along with Bethesda are Activision; Bandai Namco; Capcom; EA; Epic Games; Konami; Square Enix; Take-Two Interactive, which owns 2K; Ubisoft; and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

The Nintendo Switch is currently slated to launch in March 2017, so we can expect more information, including price, specifications, and launch window titles to be announced between now and then.

Source: Nintendo

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bp9801 on October 20, 2016 18:31

It runs on NVIDIA Tegra, although the exact one isn't known. The cartridge slot is above the screen on the tablet, like so:




Pop the cartridge in at the top and game on.

slick2500 on October 20, 2016 19:13
This looks really interesting.
ClayMeow on October 21, 2016 23:01
Once again, the only thing Nintendo has going for it is its first-party titles. If that's not a good enough reason to spend the money, there are way better options out there (and I'm not even talking the PS4/XBO). It's running an NVIDIA Tegra chip, which means it's essentially an Android device. All NVIDIA has to do is create gamepad attachments for its SHIELD Tablet line and you have a product that beats the Switch in every way. That can already connect to a TV (including 4K), has AAA games built directly for it, access to all Android games (and apps, which means every video service), and can stream games from your PC (or NVIDIA's cloud service). I also think it's obvious Nintendo will release multiple attachment types to provide optimal controls for each game type, which is an idea stolen from the SMACH Z handheld PC - which like the SHIELD would beat the Switch in every way if you discount Nintendo's first-party titles. It too can connect to a TV.

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