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Yahoo Allowed the Government to Read All of Your Incoming Emails

Category: General News
Posted: 12:05PM

Recently, Yahoo revealed evidence of a hack that affected around 500 million people, making it the largest hack so far. However, there's something else that has recently come to light that is even more shocking and disturbing. Yahoo has been revealed as the first US company to allow US Intelligence officials to read every single incoming email from all of its customers. This isn't some of the emails, but every single incoming email for all Yahoo Mail users. It was part of a classified government demand to allow the access, with either the FBI or National Security Agency pushing for it. It is not known exactly what either agency was looking for, other than certain characters in an email or attachment, but the fact they were able to view all incoming emails and not stored emails is highly alarming.

This is the first time a US Internet company has agreed to such a demand, with it being unprecedented and possibly unconstitutional. It isn't known what Yahoo handed over either in terms of data, or if the NSA or FBI approached any other companies to scan incoming emails. Google, Microsoft, Twitter, Apple, and Facebook have all pushed out statements saying they didn't receive or comply with any government demands, and if they did it would be met with a, "no way."

It appears Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer complied with the demand, which prompted the company's Chief Information Security Officer, Alex Stamos, to resign in 2015 when he found out about it. Stamos now works at Facebook and did not say the reason for his departure at the time, but now it's quite clear he and other executives disagreed with Mayer's decision, but were powerless to do anything about it.

Yahoo issued a statement saying it abides by government laws, since it's a law abiding company, but did not say anything further. Like why exactly it allowed the government to scan all incoming emails, denied it had done so, or addressed any security and privacy concerns that are a direct result of this blatant disregard for customer trust. It's a major issue, and one I feel is only going to get worse for Yahoo as a result, especially with the upcoming sale to Verizon, which complies with the NSA, too, on information gathering. The massive hack and now this email scanning raises serious questions about Yahoo's security level and whether it actually cares to implement something to protect its customers. We'll have to see if anything changes, or if there's a mass exodus to other services. There probably should be a departure from Yahoo anyway, but that's up to you to make.

If you're interested in deleting your Yahoo account, first you should transfer or back up all your data, and then head here to begin the deletion process.

Sources: Reuters and Fight for the Future

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road-runner on October 07, 2016 20:09

I thought all communications went through the NSA building anyway being scanned

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