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Brave the Cold in Wasteland 3; Fig Campaign Launches to Support Its Development

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Posted: 12:23PM

The first game I ever backed on Kickstarter was inXile Entertainment's Wasteland 2, a return to the series that would be the inspiration for the Fallout games, one of my favorite series of all time. Wasteland 2 was fully funded inside a day of its Kickstarter launch, with a total of $3 million in funding reached by the end. We eventually got the game a little over two years after the Kickstarter's end, and then we received a Director's Cut of it a year later that modifed the engine, added in more companion behaviors, and a host more to make it an even better post-apocalyptic experience. Well, now it's nearly time to journey back to that time, as inXile has announced Wasteland 3 and a backing campaign.

Wasteland 3 continues where Wasteland 2 left off, except we're in a different area of the American West. We're instead in the frozen lands of Colorado instead of the warm Arizona and California deserts. Survival in this cold and unforgiving land is pretty much exactly like that, where the choices you make aren't morally easy and some will impact the fate of things for a much larger landscape. You'll even have to make sacrifices that affect the game world, which makes me think we might have to sacrifice a settlement to save even more, or something similar. InXile isn't telling us everything with Wasteland 3 just yet, but there is plenty to go on.

The game will still feature party-based roleplay, with even more of a focus on the complex, reactive storytelling and strategic combat we love from past titles. Wasteland 3 includes vehicles (finally!), environmental dangers (please no giant bugs that pop out of the ground), and a more fluid action system to change and evolve the combat from Wasteland 2 in a way that sounds even better that it already was. Combat is still turn-based and encounters are still unique, just it's getting an evolution. One part that's brand new is how Wasteland 3 has multiplayer! It can be either synchronous or asynchronous, so you and a friend can play at the same time or not, with story choices opening up (or sealing off) based on your choices. So you might see some areas, missions, or story arcs based on one decision, but not another, something that brilliantly carries over from the older games, ensuring no two playthroughs are ever the same. It's still very much a single player game, just now you have the option to play with a friend.

Your Ranger Base returns in Wasteland 3, however, it seems like you're actually going to be in charge of it this time around. You see, you're the only survivor of Ranger Team November, a squad that was dispatched to Colorado since no one there had ever heard of the Desert Rangers. Something goes wrong and it's up to you to get the Rangers built there, which includes starting and running a Ranger Base. InXile says it plays an integral role in Colorado, since as you help the people and establish a reputation, the quests and narrative choices forces you to make a decision on how to lead. The story of Wasteland 3 is said to be deep and engaging, but not many details on it just yet. However, it features a revamped dialogue tree system from InXile's Torment: Tides of Numenera, giving us a more pleasing time making choices.

Wasteland 3 will simulatenously release on Windows, Mac, Linux, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One when it's done, tentatively scheduled for 2019. It'll be DRM-free on PC, as well as on Steam and GOG, while other stores are in consideration. Its backing campaign is on Fig instead of Kickstarter (inXile CEO Brian Fargo is on the Advisory Board for Fig, as is Obsidian CEO Feargus Urquhart), but despite the change and the $2.75 million goal, it's already more than halfway there. So, Wasteland 3 is going to be a thing almost as fast as Wasteland 2 was, and then we have to wait for it to be in our hands. That just means plenty of time for another Wasteland 2 campaign. The Wasteland 3 Fig campaign ends on November 3, so you have a bit under a month to support it and get your copy of the game, as well as whatever rewards you might want to get at higher tiers!

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