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Lithium-Tin Anode Developed for Better Batteries

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 01:21PM

Batteries are a critical component of a great deal of today's technologies, so there is an ever growing need to improve upon them. Achieving that improvement is difficult though because we need to use materials with the correct chemical properties, with sacrificing other important characteristics. Now, researchers at the University of California, Riverside have discovered that two candidates for anodes in future lithium-ion batteries can be combined to great effect.

Modern lithium-ion batteries rely on graphite for their anodes, because it performs the necessary chemistry and is resilient to the damage batteries can endure. Tin and silicon have also been suggested as possible anodes, because some of their properties are better than graphite, but others are worse. For example, silicon is somewhat fragile and repeated use can cause the anode to fracture, leading to a loss of performance and serious damage to the battery. What the researchers have discovered is that combining these two materials can create a new anode with the best of both worlds, essentially.

This new anode can hold three times the charge traditional graphite can, is stable over a great many charge-discharge cycles, and can even charge very quickly. It also can be produced with a simple manufacturing process, which can help keep prices down.

Source: University of California, Riverside

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