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Craft Your Own Vault in Fallout 4 - Vault-Tec Workshop; Arrives July 26

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Posted: 02:55PM

Fallout 4's second to last DLC, Vault-Tec Workshop, is nearly here, with Bethesda revealing plenty of information on what we can expect in it. Vault-Tec Workshop, as the name suggests, lets you build your very own Vault with a wealth of new items and settlers to experiment on. As you're exploring the Commonwealth, you'll come across a distress beacon alerting you to some raider trouble at Vault 88. Once you take care of the raiders, you meet the Vault's Overseer, a ghoul who was supposed to be in charge of Vault 88 before the bombs dropped. Unfortunately, the Vault was never finished and the Overseer turned into a ghoul, and she's now asking for your help to finish what Vault-Tec began so long ago. And like any good Overseer, she's still committed to Vault-Tec's original idea of experimenting on the residents.

After agreeing to help the Overseer, you start interviewing potential residents to see if they're the best fit for the Vault and what kind of tests are planned. You're then able to run the various experiments to their conclusion, which changes based on your choices. Maybe you'll be a benevolent ruler or a horrible tyrant who only wants to subject the, uh, subjects to awful tests. The parameters you set up for each experiment determines the final version of each object, so plan accordingly. Whatever you end up with for the experiment is permantently added to your list of craftable items.

This is the first Workshop DLC that actually includes a series of quests, since it's all contained inside Vault 88. Bethesda seemed to have some fun with the DLC being in just one area, so we get to reap the benefits of far more than just new items for settlement building. Oh, and if you happen to kill the Overseer or kick her out, you can still run the different experiments, just they won't be as involved as the quest ones.

Bethesda recommends you tackle the DLC when you're at least level 20, since some of the enemies you encounter in it are a minimum of level 35. That doesn't just mean the raiders to kill, but maybe some radscorpions, feral ghouls, or other horribly mutated monsters lurking in the depths as you build. Sure, you can start the DLC as soon as you complete the prologue, but you'll more than likely die a horrible death.

As you're building the Vault of your dreams, you get access to a ton of new Vault-Tec items to utilize. Hallways, atriums, stairways, bridges, sliding doors; pretty much if you've seen it in a Vault before, it's in the Vault-Tec Workshop. There's also new, clean furniture to place, Vault-Boy and Vault-Girl statues, other Vault decorations, the experiment items, and more, including Barber and Surgeon chairs (finally!). Drop down one of those chairs, assign a settler, and you can get all the free haircuts and facial surgery you desire. Plus you can make use of any other workshop item you already have unlocked, and once you complete the Vault-Tec quests, you can use the Vault items in every other settlement. Just, you know, above ground or way above ground. If resources are a concern, fear not, as an unfinished Vault means plenty of resources are already there waiting for the build. Knock down some walls for more resources, but just be wary of those aforementioned radscorpions and the like possibly waiting behind them.

Get ready to start building the Vault of your dreams when the Fallout 4 - Vault-Tec Workshop DLC arrives next Tuesday on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It's part of the Season Pass or just $4.99.

Source: Bethesda.net

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