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MIT Developing Swarm Multi-core Architecture

Category: CPU's
Posted: 04:10PM

Processors with multiple cores are found in most systems these days, from PCs to smartphones. The use of multiple cores has helped to get around the limitations on processor speeds, but those extra cores don't translate into a direct increase in application performance. In order to take full advantage of the multiple cores, applications need to be written with parallel processing in mind, a complex task that many developers and applications don't bother with. Researchers at MIT have developed a new chip architecture, known as Swarm, to help alleviate some of the difficulties in taking advantage of parallel processing. In a test comparing a 64-core version of Swarm against highly-optimized parallel processing algorithms, Swarm outperformed the algorithms "offering three to 18 times faster processing. In its most impressive result, Swarm achieved results 75 times better than the regular chips, because that particular algorithm had failed to be parallelized on classic multi-core processors."

Source: Neowin

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