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Bethesda Reveals the Final Three Pieces of Fallout 4 DLC

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Posted: 10:48PM

Over the last few months, we've had three separate DLCs release for Fallout 4. However, Bethesda kept saying those were only half of what we were getting. During its E3 press conference, we found out what the other three are, and they are quite varied. We are receiving two new Workshop DLCs and then a story DLC that should offer plenty of thrills. The first Workshop DLC is called Contraptions, which adds a ton of new items to our settlement, like elevators, armor racks, weapon racks, warehouses, fireworks, greenhouses, and even track kits. These track kits allow for Rube Goldberg-esque creations to populate your settlements with, which can then activate the new sorting machines and conveyor belts to give you a better idea of the junk you've accumulated throughout the Commonwealth. Or just chuck them at a settler that upsets you, whichever.

The next Workshop DLC is Vault-Tec. That's right, you can build your own vaults in Fallout 4 (I guess the mod for that is no obsolete). You start off in an underground cavern, maybe something similar to what Vault 114 had in mind, and then you can scrap items and build to your heart's content. Be careful when opening up new sections for building, however, as there might be some creatures lurking. Once dispatched, you can start laying down all the new Vault structures for the vault of your dreams, bring in new dwellers, and help them defend it when raiders come calling. Of course, what good is a Vault-Tec DLC without some experiments to run on your dwellers? Evidently Fallout Shelter was a test run to see how well we can build a vault.

Speaking of Fallout Shelter, the popular mobile game is receiving a new 1.6 update soon that adds quests for your dwellers to go on, new creatures to defeat, new locations, and more. Oh, and Fallout Shelter is coming to PC. Now you have even more distractions at your disposal!

Now, back to the Fallout 4 DLC. The final one is called Nuka-World, which is a massive pre-war amusement park now taken over by raiders. It seems to be more of a story DLC, much like Far Harbor, but right now not a whole lot else is known about it. Expect new quests, a new region to explore, enemies to defeat, and just maybe an amusement park to enjoy. Nuka-World is the last piece of DLC for Fallout 4, sadly, but it should send us off with a bang.

Fallout 4: Contraptions arrives next week, Vault-Tec in July, and Nuka-World in August. No prices were announced for any of them, but all are available in the Season Pass. The Fallout Shelter 1.6 update arrives in July on both mobiles and PC.

Source: Livestream and YouTube

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