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AMD Announces Radeon RX 480 at $199, Launches June 29

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 09:03AM

At Computex last night, AMD finally revealed it first GPU using the Polaris architecture, the RX 480. This GPU will be available with 4 GB and 8 GB of GDDR5 VRAM and launch on June 29, starting at just $199. As the rumors and official statements have been indicating for months, this GPU is meant to bring the level of performance needed for VR to mainstream consumers, who tend to spend less than $300 on a graphics card. The Radeon RX Series is meant as a disruptive technology to propel VR forward.

As the leaked slide yesterday indicated, the GPU is able to surpass 5 TFLOPS of computing power, has a 256-bit memory bus, and uses a single 6-pin power connector, so it comes in at 150 W. It also has full support for HEVC and supports HDR and DisplayPort 1.3 and 1.4. I watched the livestream of the event and actually never saw that specific slide used, but its information was accurate.

Something else that was shown for the RX 480 was that its performance-to-watt ratio is 2.8 times that of the previous generation. Using FinFET 14 accounts for a 1.7 times improvement, while AMD technologies and optimizations bring the rest. Another slide compared the performance of the GTX 1080 against two RX 480s in Ashes of the Singularity. Both setups came in around 60 FPS, with the GTX 1080 just under and the RX 480s just above, but two points were made about this comparison. One is that the two RX 480s cost less than $500 while the GTX 1080 is a $600-$700 solution. Second was that the GTX 1080 was at nearly full utilization, while the 480s were only at 51% utilization, which suggests further optimization of the game and drivers could widen the performance difference substantially.

Less than a month before we see these become available, but the AMD's Computex livestream can be watched right now. It covers the RX 480, 7th generation APUs, new products from hardware partners, and showed off the upcoming Summit Ridge CPU, which uses the Zen architecture.



Source: AMD

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bp9801 on June 01, 2016 17:38

In-game performance of a single card might not even match the 390X, let alone the GTX 980 once you move past 1920x1080. Price is on point, however, so even if the performance isn't quite there, this is a nice move by AMD.

Bosco on June 07, 2016 03:35

Pricing is good, but the console like performance stated at the press conference is a little concerning.


We shall see how it goes once a sample arrives to Frank. :)

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