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DOOM Looks Fantastic Running on a GeForce GTX and Vulkan API

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:33AM

DOOM arrives tomorrow (or tonight if you've pre-ordered and preloaded), bringing us back to Hell for the first time in ages. An intense single player campaign looks to evoke the feelings from the original two games, with fast action, intense fights, and large environments. There's also a multiplayer portion that is hopefully improved from the recent open beta, but we won't know for sure until the game unlocks. What we do know is that DOOM looks fantastic, as evidenced by NVIDIA showing off DOOM running on a TITAN X (due to the guys at id leaving the GTX 1080 at the event reveal) and the Vulkan API at 1920 x 1080, giving us some gorgeous footage of the speed, fluidity, and action of id Software's shooter.

All the settings and options are cranked to the max, with a 120 degree field of view, and man does it look good, even on a TITAN X. If you're planning to pick up one of the new NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 video cards at the end of the month, you'll be in for even more of a treat. It's going to run faster, with a higher framerate, and at even higher resolutions.

You can find an uncompressed video at the source below to see DOOM in all its glory. DOOM does not support Vulkan right away, but it will soon, and once it does things will look even better than they already do.

Sources: Press Release and GeForce

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Braegnok on May 12, 2016 19:28

Gee too bad the guys forgot the new GTX 1080  :fp: ,.. good thing they did have a Titan X so they could muster 60 FPS Min @ 1080p http://wccftech.com/doom-2016-alpha-benchmarks-geforce-amd-radeon/

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