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Method Discovered for Building 3D Microstructured Battery Electrodes

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 09:15AM

For many modern devices, the battery can be the bulkiest component, which is a problem as people demand smaller and thinner devices, without sacrificing battery life. One way to improve the performance of a battery is to use electrodes with 3D microstructured architectures, as these provide more places for ions to interact with. However, making such structures is difficult, but researchers at Aalto University have successfully demonstrated a way to build them.

This new method combines atomic and molecular layer deposition techniques to build thin films from lithium terephthalate. This is a hybrid organic/inorganic material recently found to be a viable anode for lithium-ion batteries. Surprisingly, even though lithium terephthalate is a hybrid compound, it survived the deposition technique that reaches temperatures between 200 ºC and 280 ºC. It also does not require conductive additives to achieve an excellent rate capability, but adding a protective layer of the solid-state electrolyte, LiPON does enhance its performance.

When the researchers tested the anodes they constructed, they found they retained 97% of their capacity after 200 charge/discharge cycles.

Source: Aalto University

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