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New Rumors of a Refreshed Xbox from Microsoft

Category: General News
Posted: 09:06AM

Lately there have been several rumors going around the Internet that Sony will be releasing a PlayStation 4.5. Well it appears Microsoft is not content with being left behind as a new rumor predicts the coming of the Xbox φ (Xbox phi). For those who do not know, φ is the Golden Ratio, a value with some interesting characteristics. For example φ2=φ+1 and φ-1 equals the square root of φ. It can also be found in various works of architecture, as the ratio seems to be pleasing to the eye, which is appropriate as the refreshed Xbox will provide better visuals.

If we do a little math, because φ is approximately equal to 1.618, the Xbox φ is a 0.618 improvement over the Xbox One, which is more than the 0.5 improvement the PS4.5 represents over the PS4. There is no word yet on if Nintendo might try to transcend both companies by releasing an NX e (≈2.718), or skip directly to an NX π (≈3.142).

Source: An Irrational Mathematician

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Fight Game on April 05, 2016 23:04
aprils fools?
paulktreg on April 05, 2016 23:16

No it's true!


I've even heard that there's going to be a Raspberry Square Root Of -1 but it could just be in someones imagination?  :blink:

bp9801 on April 05, 2016 23:27

aprils fools?


Originally posted on Friday, April 1, so yep, April Fool's article. Hence the source name.

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