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Raspberry Pi 3 Now Available

Category: General News
Posted: 05:10PM

The Raspberry Pi 3 is the latest version of the extremely small computer to hit the market. The Pi 3 is powered by a 1.2GHz, 64-bit, quad-core ARMv8 processor featuring HDMI, Ethernet, and four USB ports. The system also adds new features in the form of built-in wireless and Bluetooth 4.0. The price remains at just $35 despite the new features and represents a solid choice for anyone looking to get started with a small form factor PC.

Source: Venture Beat

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potatochobit on March 02, 2016 07:04
Im interested in these but what can I do with it? can it play MKV videos over a home network? can it connect to a windows home group?
FUZi0N on March 02, 2016 08:23

I've been interested in these but never bit the bullet. Always wanted to build one of those multicades.

gebraset on March 02, 2016 11:23
I'm definitely going to have to look into the Raspberry Pi now. The value of this device seems amazing.
Guest comment
Guest_Guest_* on March 03, 2016 12:56
Wow. One day after I finally finished looking for a Raspberry Pi alternative with Wi-Fi. Honestly, I've never purchased a Pi simply because it didn't have Wi-Fi, and I thought daisy-chaining a USB hub that's bigger than the device itself seemed a little silly. I mean, it could have worked if I still lived where I did 4 years ago... in a junky apartment where I could string Ethernet cables down the stairs, along the tops of doors... anywhere I needed them, and move my router wherever I had a phone jack. But in this house, my Mom actually wants us to live nicer than we did in the apartment, and on top of that the Internet comes in through the cable, and the only two places in the house we can plug in the router are in my bedroom, and next to the television. Either location leaves me forced to rely on Wi-Fi for the majority of the computers in the house.

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