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Apple Patent Infringement Lawsuit Against Samsung Overturned

Category: General News
Posted: 03:42PM

In May 2014, Apple won a $120 million judgment against Samsung after it was ruled that Samsung used "Apple's patented technology without permission." Today, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit ruled that Samsung "did not infringe Apple's "quick links" patent, and that two other patents covering the iPhone's slide-to-unlock and auto-correct features were invalid." To add insult to injury, the court also ruled that Apple had infringed on a Samsung patent, though this patent wasn't named. The unanimous ruling is a small bright spot in the fighting between the two companies as Apple has come out on top more often than not.

Source: Reuters

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ccokeman on February 27, 2016 18:04

Got to love that. Even though I no longer use Samsung devices since LG IMHO has eclipsed what Samsung is offering. They play more of a copycat game making their devices to fit an apple form factor. 

potatochobit on March 08, 2016 01:55
I dont wnt LG to make phones I want more ultrawide monitors with higher refresh rates and washing machines.
ccokeman on March 09, 2016 02:11

Got my LG Phones, Monitor and washing machine and dryer! 

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