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$1700 AMD Polaris GPU Found in Shipping Database

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 01:23PM

With both AMD and NVIDIA making major shifts to 14 nm production nodes this year, there has been a great deal of interest in any bit of information about the upcoming GPU series. This latest data point comes from Zauba's shipping database where it lists a C99 graphics card, with a per unit value of roughly $1700. It is not clear what this is exactly, but with such a high value, it is likely meant for a very high-end Polaris-based graphics card, and perhaps even a dual GPU card. The Polaris series of GPUs have a release target of mid-2016.

Other Polaris GPUs have been spotted in this shipping database before and appear to form an interesting timeline. Previously C91, C92, and C98 GPUs have been found in the database, with the C98 appearing in December 2015 and the C91 and C92 chips going as far back as January 2015. In August 2015 the C91 and C92 chips gained their FOC designations, which was just months before Polaris GPUs were first shown off to the press. Potentially those demonstrated GPUs are these C91 and C92 graphics cards, which would also mean that AMD has had them in their labs for over a full year now. The C98 is likely one of the high-end chips, based on its having a per-unit value one third greater than AMD's Hawaii chips.

Source: WCCFtech

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GabrielT on February 08, 2016 21:11

Are you sure it's not a workstation card? Though the higher Product should indicate a more powerful card in the same series it could be something like a firepro card couldn't it? 

Guest_Jim_* on February 08, 2016 22:48

The source at least assumes it is not a workstation card, and it does make some sense. The C98 being priced a little above the Hawaii chips puts it in line as a new high-end 400 series card and one would think the C99 would be related to it. If that's the case, hopefully it will be a dual-GPU card, if only because I cannot imagine how to justify that cost for a single-GPU consumer card. We'll find out eventually though.

Regardless, the C91 and C92 boards being around since January 2015 is quite interesting.

cchalogamer on February 10, 2016 04:40

I guess 1628.55 USD is now "roughly $1700," (conversion rate source google for all this) but ignoring that going back to the Fury X it was over $1100 and launched at around half that (lots of rounding in my head here as the conversion rate has changed and I'm lazy).  So a closer to $800-900 launch price seems more realistic based on that alone, and assuming the other rumors (and oh dear we are talking rumors every step of the way as usual with pre-launch product) and the new cards are the kind of performance leap we hope for we could see AMD try for a Titan like card of their own.  


Granted none of this is based on REAL data so I fully expect to be proven wrong in the coming months once the thing actually comes out, but so will nearly everyone else so I've got that going for me.

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