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Details Emerge on XCOM 2 Launch Mods From Long War Studios

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Posted: 12:10PM

Welcome, Commander. The other day, some information came to light that Firaxis and Long War Studios were partnering up for some launch mods for the upcoming XCOM 2. At the time nothing was shared on what the mods would be, but now we finally have word. The first of the three mods is an SMG-series Weapon Mod, which adds three new submachine gun weapons for the XCOM 2 weapon tiers: conventional, magnetic, and beam. The SMGs offer a bonus to mobility, concealment, and close-range accuracy when compared to the assault rifle, but suffer from reduced damage and a long-range accuracy penalty.

The second mod is a Muton Centurion mod, which adds a new enemy class to the game. Mutons by themselves are pretty tough, and this Centurion is no different, as it's stronger than a base Muton and can add bonuses to other alien units. You can tell the Centurions apart by their red armor and unique face mask. Try not to cower when they barge into the fray.

The third and final launch mod is the XCOM Leader mod, granting a new "Leader" upgrade path for your soldiers. The upgrade is unlocked via the Guerilla Tactics School and features ten new abilities, with each Leader learning five at a time. Only one Leader can go out on missions with the squad, so plan accordingly.

XCOM 2 arrives this Friday exclusively on PC in both a regular and deluxe addition, which adds the soundtrack and season pass for an extra $15. Pre-orders net a Resistance Warrior Pack that adds new customizations and a survivor of the old war as a recruit. Mod support is baked right into XCOM 2 thanks to the Steam Workshop, with these three mods from Long War Studios offering a taste at what to expect. Modders should have a field day with the game, offering new items, enemies, experiences, and more to add to your time leading the resistance against the aliens. Good luck, Commander.

Source: Game Website

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