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Pascal GPUs May Have Been Found on Shipping Manifest

Category: Manufacturers
Posted: 10:24AM

This is definitely a rumor, but one many people have likely been looking forward to. It appears some of NVIDIA's Pascal GPUs have been found on shipping manifests on Zauba, which is a typically accurate source of such information. If correct, the manifest appears to describe the GP104 chip and it will be 35 mm2 in size with 2152 pins. The GP104 is expected to replace the GM204 chips found in the GTX 980, which are about 40 mm2 and have 1745 pins. The manifest also lists water cooling, which suggests the upcoming NVIDIA GPUs may have that as a stock feature, like some AMD GPUs.

Of course this is just a rumor because the manifest does not specifically identify the parts as being the GP104 or even for NVIDIA. In order to protect against leaks, companies will try to obfuscate the information by scrambling codenames and ship from different ports than they normally do. Apparently the source of this rumor has some inside information to positively identify the parts listed on the manifest, or this, like other rumors, may be a false lead. Only time will tell.

Source: WCCFtech

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