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GDDR6 in Development for Launch in 2016, According to Report

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 12:26PM

Video cards have used GDDR5 VRAM for a long time now, with only recent high-end cards jumping to HBM 1.0. Next year's flagship models from AMD and NVIDIA are slated to use HBM 2.0, but what about the mid-range products? Well, it seems they won't be on GDDR5, but maybe the upcoming GDDR6. This new memory will supposedly arrive on mid-range cards in 2016, but there are some issues with the initial report. Micron is working on GDDR5X, an improved version of GDDR5 that offers twice the bandwidth, just it isn't reworking GDDR5 any beyond the bandwidth. GDDR6 could potentially be something entirely new, but if Micron is working on it alongside GDDR5X, things could get quite confusing. It's possible GDDR6 is the new name for GDDR5X and just offer a bandwidth improvement, kind of like what DDR4 does for DDR3.

If GDDR6 is the new name, or if it comes out as GDDR5X first and then GDDR6, higher capacities, clocks, and lower voltages are likely. However, HBM 2.0 in capacities as low as 2GB is supposed to arrive in 2016 as well, and its bandwidth potential is ideal for high-end cards. Current mid-range cards don't exactly need higher bandwidth offered by GDDR5X/GDDR6, since the current bandwidth of GDDR5 is more than enough. So if GDDR5X/GDDR6 is aimed at competing wth HBM 2.0, well, it may be in a losing battle. Some improvements for mid-range would be nice, but not really needed. Laptops and tablets may see a boost with GDDR5X/GDDR6, at least until they start coming with HBM 2.0. Either way, we'll just have to wait and see what happens with GDDR5X/GDDR6 in the new year.

Sources: Fudzilla and WCCFtech

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Waco on December 13, 2015 20:07
It'll be derived from DDR4 regardless, there's no spec for DDR5 in progress.

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