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Optimizing White Graphene Growth for Future Devices

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 03:26PM

Ever since the discovery of graphene in 2010, many groups have been working on ways to use it and other two-dimensional materials. Among these other materials is hexagonal boron nitride, which is also known as white graphene, despite having very different characteristics from its carbon-based cousin. Now ORNL researchers have made some useful discoveries concerning the fabrication of white graphene and it could lead to several technological advances.

One of the differences between graphene and white graphene is that the latter is an electrical insulator, which makes it viable as an ultra-thin, strong, transparent, and flexible substrate. Making high quality films of hexagonal boron nitride is challenging though, in part because it is not always hexagonal but can also contain triangles and other shapes. The researchers discovered that typically ignored conditions when producing white graphene can actually influence the process, and with this knowledge are able to create higher quality samples. The researchers are confident the new method they discovered can be scaled up for large production values.

One of the potential uses for white graphene is as a substrate for graphene, as it has been previously discovered that when paired together like this, electron mobility receives a significant boost. This is the actual speed the electrons move at and could translate to data transfers far faster than what is possible today.

Source: Oak Ridge National Laboratory

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