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NVIDIA Releases the Game Ready 359.06 WHQL Driver for Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 10:50AM

New games keep rolling out each week, and to help your system be as prepared as possible for them, NVIDIA has released a new GeForce Game Ready Driver. This new driver, 359.06 WHQL, is the Game Ready Driver for Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege, so whether you're off for some open-world destruction or stopping some terrorists, NVIDIA has you covered. Game Ready optimizations are provided for Just Cause 3, while Rainbow Six Siege receives both those optimizations and an SLI profile. Both games feature incredible graphics and some NVIDIA GameWorks features, with JC3 sporting WaveWorks for some amazing-looking water, and R6S for ambient occlusion and anti-aliasing. NVIDIA has a tweak guide for Just Cause 3 and Rainbow Six Siege to help you get the most performance possible out of whatever setup you're running.

The NVIDIA GeForce Game Ready 359.06 WHQL Driver can be downloaded now from GeForce.com or through GeForce Experience.

Update: Some users are unable to make SLI work in Just Cause 3, which initially prompted a reponse from NVIDIA saying the game engine isn't compatible with multi-GPU setups. This would mean both NVIDIA and AMD multi-GPU solutions won't increase performance in Just Cause 3. However, some clarification has come about and the game simply needs a driver profile to enable SLI (and CrossFire on the AMD side). There is an SLI profile for JC3 in this new driver, however it is for a "Single-SLI Setup." Both Fallout 4 and Umbrella Corps receive a full SLI profile in the 359.06 drivers, but not Just Cause 3. Once it does, we'll let you know about it.

Source: GeForce

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RealNeil on December 01, 2015 23:56
Thanks, just got it.

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