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Welcome Home to the Fallout 4 Launch Trailer

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:40AM

There are just four days to go before the wasteland of The Commonwealth opens to us and we step outside that Vault. Yes, Fallout 4 is just days away, with people chomping at the bit to see what wonders and mysteries it holds. What happened inside Vault 111 to make you the Sole Survivor? Why wake up some 200 years after it closed? How much time can one invest in building a settlement to avoid the main quest? All of these are valid questions that will soon be answered, as will hundreds of others I'm sure. To help give you a little something to hold you over, Bethesda released the launch trailer for Fallout 4, and man is it good. Sit back and relax, The Commonwealth awaits. There are story spoilers, so take that into account before viewing.

Fallout 4 is going to consume people. This trailer almost gives us even more questions, like what is the Brotherhood planning to do with the Institute? We know they go after technology and the Institute seemingly has a massive trove of it, including synths, but is there something else they're after? Will you help The Railroad save synths? When do the super mutants get together to attack one of your settlements? So many more questions now, and I guarantee I'm going to spend plenty of time building up and defending my settlements. Plus building weapons, walking around in Power Armor, and seeing as much of The Commonwealth as one can possibly see. Oh, and something about a main quest, too.

Fallout 4 is nearly here, as Vault 111's door opens on November 10. The Pip-Boy companion app recently released for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, so you can check out its demo mode to get a feel for it ahead of Fallout 4's launch. You can even play Atomic Command and try to rack up a high score while waiting for Fallout 4. The map can also be explored, although only Vault 111 and the player's location is marked. The date is also shown, with Fallout 4 starting on October 23, 2287. That's a full ten years after the events in Fallout 3, and 210 years after the bombs dropped.

Source: Bethesda

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Bosco on November 05, 2015 19:57

I am so looking forward to this :)

Waco on November 06, 2015 03:26
Two days straight I'll play. That's my plan. :D
cjloki on November 06, 2015 03:28

dang, cool trailer and tight graphics,...

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