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3D Silicon Chip Architecture Designed for Quantum Computers

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 03:29PM

We are rapidly approaching a time when conventional electronic computers will have quantum computers as competition. It is still many years into the future, but it is coming and researchers around the world are developing the necessary technologies. This includes researchers at the University of New South Wales who have designed a new chip architecture for use in quantum computers that can be built in silicon.

While electronic computers use bits that represent zero or one, quantum computers use qubits that can represent both zero and one at the same time. This allows quantum computers to perform highly parallel operations and algorithms the best modern computers would take millennia to complete. Before a viable quantum computer could be made though, we need components that are able to manipulate qubits and correct errors. This new architecture is capable of this by sandwiching an array of qubits between two grids of wires. By selectively applying voltages to these wires, the qubits can be controlled and 2D surface code error correction protocols can be run. This particular design actually allows the errors to be corrected faster than they appear.

The researchers designed this architecture to be compatible with atomic-scale fabrication techniques, and the design is scalable. It could eventually be brought up to work with the millions of qubits necessary for a full-scale quantum processor.

Source: University of New South Wales

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