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Whet Your Appetite with Some Newly Revealed Fallout 4 Artwork

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Posted: 03:44PM

There are now less than two weeks to go before Fallout 4 arrives and gamers everywhere lose themselves in The Commonwealth. Before that happens, and to give us all a little tease of things to come, Bethesda has revealed some of the artwork featured in the upcoming The Art of Fallout 4 book. This art book is Bethesda's biggest ever for a game, as it has 368 pages of concept art, character art, weapons, environments, never-before-seen designs, commentary from the Bethesda Game Studios team, and so much more. Bethesda also shared the foreword of the book from Lead Artist Istvan Pely, although due to the length of it, it's best to hop over to the source and read it. Pely does mention how the designs and concepts come to be, what the art room (lovingly called the "Art Pit") is like, and how even though the book is about art, there's so much more to get the game working than just that. Animators, programmers, designers, audio engineers, and producers all contribute to the creation of a game, and Pely gives them all a bit of love.

Now, onto the art. A little bit of everything is shown by Bethesda, with a look at the new Pip-Boy, the ruins of Boston, the surrounding landscape, and even building interiors. Some of the art is a 3D model, others are full color concepts, and others are just sketches. The new Nuka Cola bottle design shows up, and so does a Nuka Cola blaster of some type, too. A variety of characters with a range of clothing styles appear, so many junk items and cars to see in the game, and even The House of Tomorrow. We also get the inner workings of a Mr. Handy, Protectron, and Sentry Bot, so I guess we really can shoot a robot and see parts of its insides. Super mutants and raiders, complete with body and armor designs, show off the range of those enemies we can encounter. A ton of weapons in order to kill those said enemies, plus a bunch of the mods and customizations we can do. Oh, and then we get some shots of Power Armor, namely the heads of the T-51, T-45, and new T-60 designs, plus the full frame we can customize however we want in Fallout 4. There's a lot to look over in this extremely small preview, so be sure to hit them all up below and try not to salivate the entire time.

The Art of Fallout 4 book arrives on December 22, with pre-orders still available. It'll set you back $50, but if you're an art book collector or just a fan of Fallout, this is one not to miss. As for Fallout 4 itself, well we have until November 10 to dive into that.

Source: Bethesda.net

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