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Adventure Through The Commonwealth of Fallout 4 with NVIDIA GameWorks

Category: Gaming
Posted: 03:54PM

Fallout 4 is a little over two weeks away, where many gamers across the world will be lost exploring the Commonwealth and uncovering as many of its secrets as possible. One secret that's now been revealed is how Fallout 4 uses NVIDIA GameWorks to provide a visual boost. Things like ambient occlusion, shadowing, and lighting effects all get the GameWorks touch, along with some other aspects. However, one thing not known is whether or not Fallout 4 comes with GameWorks at launch or if patches add them in later (like in some of those free updates). It would make sense to add them in slowly later on to ensure performance remains the same, which is key given how some other titles have been affected. Early reports say Fallout 4's GameWorks implementation will more closely match the one in Grand Theft Auto V, which was fairly well optimized at launch for both AMD and NVIDIA (outside of MSAA for AMD). The GameWorks technologies can be selected at will inside the settings menu, so everyone can run as much or as little as they want regardless of video card.

Performance issues and claims that GameWorks hurts more than helps has been mentioned before, but NVIDIA has worked hard with developers to ensure any GameWorks technologies are at their best when implemented. We've seen The Witcher 3 receive modifications to its GameWork technologies to add in a better slider for HairWorks, as well as different options in general for it. One interesting thing to take note of is in the Fallout 4 minimum requirements, which list a GTX 550 Ti or HD 7870. Those two aren't entirely on the same level performance-wise, so maybe some people will claim that NVIDIA cards have an edge. Or it could simply be Bethesda trying to cover its bases for a range of video cards. After all, the two video cards in the recommended specifications, the GTX 780 and R9 290X, are much more evenly matched. So maybe Fallout 4 works on a range of video cards and systems, with performance dependent on what you set the game at, the resolution, and how many extra features you enable, just like any other title. Either way, we have until November 10 to find out for sure.

Source: WCCFtech

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