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Improved 3D Pixel Display Prototype Developed

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 05:41AM

Back in January a news item went up about a new prototype 3D display that used 3D pixels or Trixels. That original prototype was monochromatic but now the researchers at the Vienna University of Technology and TriLite Technologies have built a new, full color version.

Instead of using traditional pixels with specific polarizations and special glasses to display a 3D image, these display use an advanced laser system. Each Trixel consists of three lasers (red, green, and blue) that are aimed at a moveable mirror. This mirror rotates to pass the laser beams across the field of vision, but while the mirror rotates the beams are modulated. This allows the brightness, and now the color too of the image to change in the time it takes to pass from one eye to the other. A display built of these would directly send different images to our eyes, instead of requiring some device to filter what our eyes see.

The new module is 12x9 Trixels, and by combining modules a large outdoor display can be built. The software to drive such displays has already been developed and is even compatible with current 3D movies. Now the researchers and TriLite are looking for partners to mass produce the technology.

Source: Vienna University of Technology

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