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Google Actively Working on VP10 Video Compression Codec

Category: Internet
Posted: 01:37AM

In an interview with CNET, Google has revealed that it is looking to make 4K video available to even more consumers, as its new VP10 video compression codec is shaping up to be highly efficient. According to James Bankoski, a Google product manager, VP9 currently utilizes half the bandwidth of the most popular format currently, the H.264 format, and VP10 will likely utilize half the bandwidth needed with VP9. The VP10 video compression codec, which happens to be open source, will also offer desktop and mobile content viewers with better dynamic range between lights and darks, improve the overall color range of video, and increase image sharpness.

Although VP10 sounds incredibly promising, the H.264 format successor known as HEVC/H.265 may find itself more widely utilized for content delivery. Google is hoping that with the popularity of YouTube, combined with the open source development of VP10 and the patent fee issues surrounding the HEVC/H.265 format, it will hit its performance targets for the latest video compression codec by the end of this year.

Source: CNET

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