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Amazon and Google Chrome Move to Block Flash Ads; End of Flash is Nigh?

Category: Internet
Posted: 06:22PM

For years, Adobe's Flash Player was the way to view videos and more on the Internet. However, it hasn't always been kind to performance or the most secure, and over the last several years has slowly started to be replaced. In fact, earlier this year YouTube switched its video player over to HTML5 instead of Flash. Now it seems Flash is truly on its way out, as Amazon has blocked Flash ads from displaying across its platforms and services. Likewise, starting next month, Google Chrome will prevent Flash ads from playing by default, as a user must click on them in order for them to display. Mozilla's Firefox browser also blocks Flash, and Adobe itself, Flash's creator, has been shifting clients away from it and towards other programs that serve a similar purpose.

Flash ads account for more than 100 million of the ads displayed in June, with 84% of banner ads still using it. But with Amazon, Google, and Mozilla all blocking those ads, things are going to have to change. It should hopefully mean a world without Flash and its detrimental effects, both in terms of performance and security. After all, Android and iOS devices don't really rely on Flash, and those all function just fine. Computers without Flash is the next step, and one that hopefully happens soon.

Source: The Guardian

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