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Mozilla Working on a Built-in Ad Blocker for Firefox

Category: Internet
Posted: 04:15PM

Spend any amount of time on the Internet and odds are you'll install an ad blocker onto your Web browser of choice. You can tailor the ad blocker to block everything, certain ads, or to skip your favorite websites (like OCC), but all ad blockers are an extra installation. However, Mozilla is working on something in its Developer and Aurora builds of Firefox that may interest plenty of people. Mozilla has improved its tracking protection features in those two builds far beyond what its previous Do Not Track thing accomplished, and when enabled, chances are you won't see any ads on those websites. There still may be some ads, but for the most part, they're all gone, and without needing to install a separate ad blocker.

Right now, the enhanced tracking protection is only available in Firefox's private browsing mode and only in the Developer and Aurora builds. It is, of course, very early in development, as Mozilla still needs to figure out how to block the tracking without actually blocking the ads. Somehow I don't think too many people would mind if that didn't happen. One down side to the whole thing is the enhanced tracking may not ever arrive in the normal, non-private browsing mode, but that is a small price to pay.

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get_saif on August 18, 2015 08:11

Some how i felt Mozilla had to lose fat, when i shifted to Chrome.

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