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NVIDIA Offer Detailed Insight Into GameWorks Technology

Category: Software
Posted: 04:10PM

Mentions of NVIDIA GameWorks have been popping up with increased frequency whether it is powering demos at Comic-Con or the graphics of the latest games, or even causing some friction with competitor AMD. NVIDIA has written an informative blog describing just what GameWorks represents. At the core of GameWorks is a number of technologies that help bring graphics to life and enhance existing software but NVIDIA describes it as "more than a collection of technologies. We have dedicated over 300 engineers to research and development of new technologies. They are more than just top notch computer scientists. They also work with game developers to integrate all this cool tech."

The most well known piece of GameWorks is PhysX, a software package that provides advanced physics effects to games in areas such as particles, destruction, and clothing. PhysX is integrated into a number of current and next-generation gaming engines including Unity and Unreal Engine 4. VisualFX has a goal of providing realistic effects using technology such as HairWorks, WaveWorks, and FlameWorks. To help with the spread of GameWorks, NVIDIA provides developers with a number of tools for integrating the technology in their software including AndroidWorks, Tegra Graphics Debugger, and Nsight Visual Studio Edition. Follow the link for more in-depth coverage of all the pieces of GameWorks.

Source: NVIDIA

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get_saif on August 13, 2015 05:57

This has been going on for couple of years now. first i think i read it in 2011 or something..

They decided to hype it a little more for the physics and particle effects this year with this info again!! :yucky:

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