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Study Indicates Modern Universe is Dimmer than 2 Billion Years Ago

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 05:25AM

Astronomers working on the Galaxy And Masa Assembly (GAMA) project have recently completed a study indicating that the modern Universe is only producing half as much energy as the Universe was just two billion years ago. This drop in energy output was measured across twenty-one wavelengths from ultraviolet to far-infrared, and looked at over 200,000 galaxies. The energy being measured would be that produced by the nuclear fusion within the cores of stars, where mass is being converted into energy according to E=mc2.

The researchers intend to continue their research into the energy production of the Universe, covering more volume and looking at more points in time. To that end the researchers hope to use many new facilities, including the Square Kilometer Array, which is to be built in Australia and South Africa over the next decade.

Source: European Southern Observatory

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