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Some AMD Radeon R9 Fury Video Cards Can Unlock More Performance, Possibly to a Fury X

Category: Video Cards
Posted: 04:41PM

AMD's new line of video cards, the R9 Fury X and Fury, are slowly finding their way into the hands of consumers, but it seems R9 Fury owners can get a pleasant surprise. A tool is available to unlock the R9 Fury into an R9 Fury X video card, granting a higher level of performance than the card already has. Hawaii and Tonga video cards can also use this tool to unlock to the next step up, but before you rush out and try it, there are some issues to be aware of. The most obvious is you can damage and brick the card, while some cards may not be able to be unlocked at all or all the way. Still, if you don't mind the risk and want to try for more performance, this is your opportunity.

This tool, known as CUINFO, scans your video card to see if it had a cluster or two disabled, and if it has, then you can unlock it. Instant performance right then and there. Not all R9 Furys can become a full blown Fury X with 4096 stream processors (SP), but even if you can just unlock the Fury to 3840 SPs, you'll be able to get a boost. Remember, do this at your own risk as your card can break from it. If you're interested, hit up this link for the guide.

Source: WCCFtech

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