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Experience New Orleans and Organized Crime During the 1960s in Mafia 3

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Posted: 09:03AM

Last week, 2K Games confirmed that Mafia 3 does, in fact, exist, and we would get to see it during Gamescom. Well, a short while ago the worldwide reveal trailer for Mafia 3 was officially shown off, and boy, does this game look to be one to get. Mafia 3 takes us to 1968 and the heart of New Orleans, where our new protagonist, Lincoln Clay, has just returned from Vietnam. He's discovered that family just isn't who you're born into, considering he's an orphan, but who you die for, which he didn't learn until he was off fighting a war halfway around the world. Upon returning from the war, Clay, a half-black veteran, joins up with the Black Mafia in New Orleans, but sadly, they're wiped out soon after by the Italian Mafia, and Clay is left for dead. Now it is up to him to exact a path of vengeance and eventually create a power vacuum in the city, one in which Clay and his new mob can fill.

NSFW (language and violence)

Mafia 3 features different factions vying for control of New Orleans, and Clay has a way to bring them all together. Different gang leaders can serve as Clay's new lieutenants as they're welcomed into his mob, and all bring their own background to the party. Cassandra is leader of the Haitians, Burke has his Irish, and Vito Scaletta, who you may remember from Mafia 2, has his Italians, a different group than the one who wiped out Clay's former Black Mafia. You can bring these different groups into the fold and have them help you out with different abilities and favors, or watch as they try to undermine and betray you if they are unhappy with the current state of your crime empire.

The 1960s were a turbulent time, but also one filled with hope and change. Mafia 3 looks to play this up nicely, with New Orleans being an unwelcoming, racially charged city in 1968, one that looks to offer a unique experience to carry organized crime into a new era. Muscle cars, iconic songs, and the swamps and bayous of Louisiana should make for a stunning backdrop in Mafia 3, and one that we'll get to experience next year. Mafia 3 is set to arrive in 2016 (no exact date given just yet) for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Sources: YouTube, Official Website, and IGN

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