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AMD Gaming Scientist Accuses NVIDIA GameWorks of 'Damaging' the Industry

Category: Gaming
Posted: 09:25AM

NVIDIA GameWorks has faced its share of issues over the last few months, especially when it comes to The Witcher 3, Project: CARS, and performance numbers. HairWorks, particularly in The Witcher 3, doesn't play nice with AMD video cards, and now an AMD employee has some less than kind words concerning NVIDIA's tech. AMD gaming scientist Richard Huddy says the issue isn't just with AMD, as he calls NVIDIA GameWorks damaging to the "performance on NVIDIA hardware as well, which is a bit tragic really." Huddy believes GameWorks is designed to reduce performance on high-end cards so people are forced into an upgrade path.

That’s the consequence of it, whether it’s intended or not - and I guess I can’t read anyone’s minds so I can’t tell you what their intention is. But the consequence of it is it brings PCs to their knees when it’s unnecessary. And if you look at Crysis 2 in particular, you see that they’re tessellating water that’s not visible to millions of triangles every frame, and they’re tessellating blocks of concrete – essentially large rectangular objects – and generating millions of triangles per frame which are useless.

Now, bringing down AMD’s performance is pretty dodgy, but when they bring down their own consumers’ performance, then it makes you wonder what they’re up to. Their QA must be appalling if it’s a mistake, and if it’s not a mistake, it makes you wonder what their motivation must be. So I think it’s very unhelpful for the business. If you look at the way the performance metrics come out, it’s damaging to both Nvidia’s consumers and ours, though I guess they choose it because it’s most damaging to ours. That’s my guess.

That is rather damning from an AMD gaming scientist, especially since GameWorks was created by NVIDIA as a way to provide a suite of effects instead of a piece of code here or there. Huddy insists that NVIDIA GameWorks titles have a lower average review score than anything AMD has been involved with, when looking at Metacritic or another review aggregate. If NVIDIA were to give out the source code and let developers implement and tweak what they want, things will go back to normal, according to Huddy.

Some bitter feelings could be the result of these comments, or there could be something to them. There's no way to know for sure, and NVIDIA has not released a statement yet one way or the other on Huddy's viewpoint.

Source: PCR via MCV

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Bosco on August 01, 2015 03:00

I better be careful on how I say this, or I will be getting a call I am sure lol.


Why are you even talking about Crysis 2, the game was launched in Mar of 2011, what does that have to do with anything now? Like really? :doh:


AMD has been doing a lot of complaining but at the end of the day they need to take a long look in the mirror. If you don't like it, do something about it and worry about what your doing. NVIDIA spends a lot of money on R&D where as you have to question AMD's budget.



"Nvidia Gameworks typically damages the performance on Nvidia hardware as well, which is a bit tragic really,” he told PCR. “It certainly feels like it’s about reducing the performance, even on high-end graphics cards, so that people have to buy something new."


I would like some proof on this, personally I think AMD is just blowing smoke. Performance always is up and down but reducing performance to make people upgrade sounds odd.


Mistakes happen with games and drivers all the time, so you can't just blame GameWorks,.


Drivers and patches come often to correct issues, unfortunately AMD you don't follow that motto to well. Believe me your lack of drivers and or major performance issues in games is very frustrating to the point you don't even address it publicly. When you hear complaints from your own partners about lack of drivers or updated drivers taking to long to be posted, that doesn't look good at all. You left us all for months with beta drivers and no updated official driver, didn't help the beta drivers were acting up at times. Its frustrating at times that's for sure, but NVIDIA has had their issues as well, but they seem to be a lot faster getting fixes up.


I would really like to know how many staff look after your drivers and bug fixes because rumor has it, there is not that many which could explain some things but its still not an excuse.


AMD is dying a slow death it seems and its sad to see, I hope that something big happens to turn this company around.


But honestly fix your own shit before you start placing blame. Both companies have pulled their fair share of BS so its not always one sided as people like to believe. Both companies have known to tweak sponsored games to benefit themselves over the other company this is nothing new at all.


If AMD is 100% sure that NVIDIA is hurting AMD and hurting performance on customers cards then file a lawsuit plain and simple.

ccokeman on August 01, 2015 03:13

 “If AMD spent as much time working on their drivers and actually making investments in gaming than they did talking about us, then maybe their customers would not be stuck with sub-par gaming experiences in today's cutting-edge titles."


Can't get much clearer than this. 




I really wish they would get it together and be the company they could be. My first video cards were all ATI. I even adopted crossfire early on when you had to have a separate primary and secondary cards connected by a bulky external dongle. Competition is good for the consumer and provides options.  

Bosco on August 01, 2015 03:27

My issue is AMD is very inconsistant,,,,, some times gaming is great other times its awful or won't work at all......


If rumors are true they only have about 10-20% of the manpower NVIDIA has...... but its rumors they won't give a straight answer but something seems really off

Bosco on August 01, 2015 03:28

The whole BF4 incident with AMD was embarrassing. No idea how that could have happened :wallbash:

bp9801 on August 01, 2015 03:47

If AMD is 100% sure that NVIDIA is hurting AMD and hurting performance on customers cards then file a lawsuit plain and simple.


The ol' "can't beat them, so sue 'em" approach. Be something, but highly doubtful there's anything to it than just accusations and mud slinging.


Crysis 2 launched in 2011. GameWorks didn't debut until 2014. So, how could Crysis 2 utilize GameWorks? Or does tessellation automatically mean GameWorks tech?

Bosco on August 01, 2015 04:06
Ya I am not sure why he picked that title specifically.

I just looked at my logs. I have had more AMD cards returned this year then the last two years combined.

I am currently selling 4 Nvidia cards for every one AMD card. There is a few game clans around here and they have had some trouble with AMD cards so they all went with Nvidia. AMD used to be really popular around my area but that's fallen off over the last two years.
WarWeeny on August 01, 2015 13:24
I think Hubby was mentioning Crysis 2 because the game was coded so, that the high-end PCs would have damaging performance and people were forced to buy new cards to get better frames. He claims NVIDIA is doing the same with its tech and that is why AMD is performing so poorly. A bad statement imo.
IVIYTH0S on August 01, 2015 14:53

I've never had any troubles with my AMD cards, but I'm never playing the absolute newest titles with them so I imagine that all the issues were worked out by the time I got to playing whatever game? I must be living a sheltered life lol

Bosco on August 01, 2015 20:13
Ivy your a nerd lol
gebraset on August 01, 2015 22:37

I've never had any troubles with my AMD cards, but I'm never playing the absolute newest titles with them so I imagine that all the issues were worked out by the time I got to playing whatever game? I must be living a sheltered life lol


Ivy your a nerd lol


I lol'd.  :woot:


Anyhow, I can't say that I believe the conspiracy behind it. AMD is hurting in terms on personnel, funding, and overall innovation, and NVIDIA seems to be leading the way on many fronts, especially mobile development. In the end, we'll see what comes of AMD as time goes on. A buyout, in my opinion, is the only way they're not going to go under completely (even with their console architecture monopoly). Performance and support wise (drivers), they seem to just be slacking...

hax0red on August 03, 2015 15:37
Sorry but I've recently switched to the clear leader performance wise(Nvidia) and all three cards I have tried(970, 980 and 980 Ti) have had a few consistent issues with drivers. My 7870 Tahiti LE, 7950, 7970 and 7990's never gave me any real trouble like Nvidia recently has caused me. All this BS about Nvidia being so great really is followers jumping on some bandwagon when they do not know how to form their own opinion. I'm sure I'll be swarmed for delivering the truth but that's fine.
WarWeeny on August 03, 2015 17:49
I never had problems with NVIDIA, everyone is jumping on AMD bandwagon hurr hurr.
jdm_freek on August 03, 2015 17:57

i use both but in all fairness i have only had one gpu die on me

it was a hd 5870 2gig but i was running it in eyefinity 24/7

IVIYTH0S on August 04, 2015 01:19

I loved my 7900s, I think the 7950 is my favorite card I've owned

jdm_freek on August 04, 2015 01:27

I loved my 7900s, I think the 7950 is my favorite card I've owned

id have to my Msi R9 290 was my favorite 

Boinker on August 04, 2015 05:45
Well I am glad that I am Using Nvidia cards at this time. If I was running an AMD I would have to swap out. In industries like these there will always be competition and for me I really do not care so long as I get the performance and reliability I am looking for. Sick reality is I think AMD is making a desperate effort to take some of Nvidia's market share that they cannot seem to grasp. Just my two cents.

Just to hit this again. Why wouldn't you code your game to perform best on your platform. Im not saying that intentionally making it perform worse on other cards would be ok but being there competition making your card perform well in there game is likely the furthest thing from there mind. odds are, coincidence of frustration from a competing manufacture.

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