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Explore The Commonwealth and Fight Some Bandits in Two New Fallout 4 Videos

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Posted: 11:43PM

Fallout 4 may be months away still and most of the information concerning the game hasn't been revealed by Bethesda yet (although Vault 111's use of cryosleep has been in Game Informer's latest issue), but if you need to get a fix for some new videos, the developer delivered earlier today. Bethesda unveiled two new Fallout 4 videos, with one focused on combat and the other on exploration. Both videos are taken from the footage Bethesda showed off during E3, so if some of it looks familiar to you, well that's why. The combat video has first-person and third-person action, with some weapons aimed down the iron sights and others fired with V.A.T.S. The V.A.T.S. system has received an overhaul, in that it no longer pauses the action, but just slows it down immensely. Combat itself has also received a boost, as Bethesda worked with id Software to further refine it, plus some former Bungie employees were brought in to make the action flow a little better.

The other video deals with exploring The Commonwealth, and considering the sheer size and amount of detail packed in, we should all be in for quite a treat come November. The sole survivor explores the area around Vault 111, meets Codsworth, Dogmeat, Preston Garvey, and others in his journey. Or hers, but the footage right now is just of the male sole survivor. We also see the Power Armor and its sweet Iron Man-esque entry method and altered HUD. That Power Armor should make for some fantastic combat situations, especially when you're dealing with deathclaws, yao guai, and Behemoths, among whatever other horrible mutated monsters are in the wasteland.

Fallout 4 is set to arrive November 10 for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: YouTube [1] & [2]

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camaro_dude15 on July 18, 2015 22:03

This game looks great, i missed the pre-order for the special edition and way overpaid for one on ebay

Boinker on July 19, 2015 03:10
Don't have a choice. Gonna have to get that game when it releases.

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