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New Technique Developed for Advanced Sensing

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 02:12PM

With every new step in sensing, science has been able to discover new phenomena and typically improve the performance of technology. We may be seeing this happen again soon, thanks to researchers at the University of Bristol and the Center for Quantum Technologies.

Currently, one way to study quantum processes is to use quantum process tomography. This works by containing the quantum system in a box, and then shooting quantum states through the box, and measuring them when they come out. The problem with this method is that the precision is usually limited by something called the shot noise. By borrowing points from quantum metrology though, the Bristol researchers were able to solve this problem. Quantum metrology has to do with engineering and controlling quantum systems. The new method uses the generation of multiple entangled photons to study quantum processes.

The researchers have already used the new method to study an optical process that may be used to manipulate quantum bits in future quantum computers. There are other potential uses though, as increasing the precision of optical measurements can allow for measurements to be made with less light, and that is important in medical research, where light can damage samples.

Source: University of Bristol

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