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Steam Institutes New, General Refund Policy

Category: Gaming
Posted: 01:06PM

Valve is not exactly known for its customer service, but has pledged to improve things. A major step in that direction has been taken today as the company has revealed a broad Steam Refund policy. In general, if you have purchased a game within the past 14 days and not put more than two hours into it, you can get a refund for any reason. If your situation puts you outside of those ranges, do not give up hope as the company is still willing to take a look at the request.

This refund policy also covers DLC, in-game purchase, bundles, and pre-purchased titles as well, but a little differently. DLC has the same 14 day limit, but the two hour limit applies to the base game, and starts counting from the DLC purchase time. There are exceptions for some third-party DLC though, such as DLC that irreversibly levels up a character. In-game purchases have a 48 hour limit on them, provided the item has not been consumed, modified, or transferred. Currently this only applies to Valve games, but other developers will have the option to allow refunds on items, following the same terms. Pre-purchases can be refunded for up to fourteen days after the release date, so not just the purchase date. As bundles are refunded in full, you must spend less than two hours in all of the bundled content.

If something is exempted from the refund policy, it will be stated during check-out. Refunds will be made either to the appropriate payment method or to the Steam Wallet. You cannot get refunds on movies or gifts, and if you are VAC banned on a game, you cannot refund it. Obviously Valve will not tolerate abuse, and may stop offering refunds if it believes you are abusing the policy. However, it does not consider refunding a game prior to a sale, and then purchasing it again at the reduced price abuse, which may come in handy when the summer sale gets going.

To request a refund or other assistance, visit help.steampowered.com.

Source: Steam

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WhenKittensATK on June 09, 2015 20:38
Call of Juarez Gunslinger - Playtime: 61 minutes
Purchased: Mar 12, 2015 PDT
Total refund: $3.74 to your Steam Wallet
Took 1 hour to get a refund. I'm very pleased. I wish I could return all the games I purchased and got motion sickness from. I'd be rolling in money.

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