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Windows 10 Arrival Date and OEM Pricing Now Available

Category: Operating Systems
Posted: 06:21AM

According to Terry Myerson, the Vice President of the Operating Systems Group at Microsoft, Windows 10 will be made available for PCs and tablets on July 29, 2015. The announcement comes weeks after it was revealed that Windows 10 will launch in six different versions, and almost a month since it was publically stated by Jerry Nixon, an employee at Microsoft, that Windows 10 will be the last version of Windows. Users of prior Windows operating systems that are deemed eligible for the free upgrade offer from Microsoft should receive a "Get Windows 10" icon in the system tray on their machine, which provides users with the ability to reserve their free copy of the next version of Microsoft’s operating system.

While Windows 10 is fully expected to arrive on July 29, Newegg has just leaked OEM pricing for Windows 10 Home and Professional versions. The Home and Professional versions, which are expected to be released on August 31, 2015, according to the Newegg site, feature a price tag of $109.99 and $149.99, respectively.

Source: Windows Blog and ZDNet

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AkakmanH on June 01, 2015 13:07

I am surprised that the price is so low.

If there will never be another Windows version, will we have to pay for upgrades?

I have not yet read any article on the subject.

olokul on June 01, 2015 14:36

My biggest fear is that you will have to pay for upgrades now, or better yet a yearly subscription like you have to do with office 365. 


Look at how many people use windows 7, the release date on that was july 22 2009, that was almost 16 years ago.   lets just take a small business into account here, so they have 40 computers with windows 7 on them.  Lets say Micro$oft charges you $50 a year for windows 10.  Had they done that for windows 7 they would have made $30,000 just off the 15 years of up keep on those 40 computers, that not counting the first year since you had to buy the software.


40 computers

x $50 maintenance fee


$2000 a year

x 15 years


$30,000 for the life time of windows 7.


Just think of the millions of copies of windows 7 that are out there.  some people still wont want to upgrade to windows 10 till they are forced to.  Hell I still have 2 or 3 computers at work that run XP since the software cant be installed on windows 7 32bit.   One of our CMM machines didn't have software for windows 7 up until 2 years ago,  I was yelling at them since windows 8 was out and they still weren't compliant with windows 7 yet.



Im still iffy about the hole the first year is free to upgrade line.   Call me old fashioned ( and im only 32) but this hole cloud and subscription thing I don't like.  

bp9801 on June 01, 2015 15:22

Windows 7 released nearly six years ago, not sixteen.

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