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Intel Launches the Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 Processor Family

Category: CPU's
Posted: 11:56AM

The server and enterprise market is going to get a big boost, as the Intel Haswell-EX Xeon E7 v3 processor line has arrived. The Xeon E7 v3 processors feature 12 new chips, with the flagship Xeon E7-8890 v3 packing 18 cores, 36 threads, and 45MB of L3 cache. The other processors are all derived from that flagship beast, with the Xeon E7-8800 v3, Xeon E7-8870 v3, and Xeon E7-8860 v3 considered the advanced models (along with the flagship, of course). All of those have a 9.6 GT/s interconnect speed, DDR4/DDR3 support, and S8S scalability, with all featuring 18 cores, except for the E7-8860 V3, which has 16.

Moving down to S4S scalability are the 14-core Xeon E7-4850 v3 and 12-core E7-4830 v3, which have an 8 GT/s interconnect speed and DDR4/DDR3 support. Still on the S4S are the 10-core Xeon E7-4820 v3 and 8-core Xeon E7-4809 v3, with an interconnect speed of 6.4 GT/s and DDR4/DDR3 support. There are also the 10-core Xeon E7-8891 v3 and quad-core Xeon E7-8893 v3 for the enterprise and database markets, the 18-core Xeon E7-8880L v3 for low power servers, and the 16-core Xeon E7-8867 v3 for HPC.

Clock speeds range from 1.9GHz on the E7-4820 v3 to 3.2GHz on the E7-8893 v3, with Turbo speeds ranging from 2.7GHz on the E7-4830 v3 to 3.5GHz on the E7-8891 v3 and E7-8893 v3. The E7-4820 v3 and E7-4809 v3 do not have a Turbo frequency. TDPs range from 115W to 165W, a grand total of 1536GB of RAM is supported (although some S8S servers can handle up to 12TB), and all are 22nm parts. Prices go from $1,224 for the E7-4809 v3 all the way up to $7,175 for the flagship E7-8890 v3. All these Xeon E7 v3 CPUs are available now from selected manufacturers.

Source: WCCFtech and Intel ARK

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