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Intel Broadwell Core i5-5675C and Core i7-5775C CPUs Quietly Arrive with OEMs

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Posted: 11:23AM

Recently some OEMs have been listing pre-built PCs with new Intel Broadwell chips, which is a bit of a surprise considering the fifth generation parts had not received anything definitive about a launch date. This relatively quiet launch of the 14nm Broadwell chips means some people may get a surprise when browsing for all-in-one and mini PCs. The Intel Core i5-5675C and Core i7-5775C CPUs are the unlocked models, with that "C" a bit of a change from the familiar "K" SKUs. Broadwell parts will be available in Broadwell Y (Core M), Broadwell-HQ, and Broadwell-U lines as well to better fit what kind of needs fit the consumer, whether it's low-power laptops, Ultrabooks, all-in-ones, or desktop PCs. Desktop models will be available in BGA or LGA versions, with BGA being the soldered-in and LGA running on LGA 1150 sockets.

The Core i5-5675C and Core i7-5775C both have a 65W TDP, which is expected to increase once the Skylake series arrives. Broadwell is the last generation of chips with a fully integrated voltage regulator, as that will be changed on Skylake, too. What Broadwell does different compared to Haswell and other previous models is that it integrates eDRAM directly on the die to help boost the Iris Pro 6200 graphics. Anyone using the integrated graphics should see quite a nice boost in performance, so those on Ultrabooks or mini PCs should be happy. Broadwell is not seen as the direct successor to the current Haswell parts, as that is Skylake's job, but rather a sidestep for anyone in need of a new PC right now.

The Intel Broadwell processors will be arriving soon at your favorite (r)etail outlets, although an exact date is not known. Currently there are just some OEMs using them, although it won't be for long considering Skylake is set to arrive later this fall. Skylake also uses the new LGA 1151 socket and a new motherboard line, so Broadwell is the last of LGA 1150 processors to still use in your current motherboard.

Source: WCCFtech

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