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Hacking Rampant in GTA Online; Rockstar Implements Anti-Cheat to Ban Offenders

Category: Gaming
Posted: 10:55AM

Grand Theft Auto V has been out on the PC for a little while now, yet it has been in the news recently for some less than stellar reasons. Hacking has taken off in GTA V and greatly reduced the enjoymeny of people playing legitimately in GTA Online. Rockstar then implemented an anti-cheat measure, which caused even more groaning and outright lying from people saying they were banned because the developer can't distinguish between a "good" or "bad mod." Some people even said they were banned in single player for using mods, which isn't entirely accurate. Players who used the Field of View (FOV) mod in GTA Online were banned, as were people shooting money at others. Artifically increasing your money in GTA Online has always resulted in a ban ever since the game came out on consoles, and it looks like people who unwittingly get their money increased by the hackers can be banned, too.

Rockstar is doing what it can to reduce the hackers, but trying to see which are legitimate complaints and which are from entitled cheaters can be hard. Right now, if you're playing GTA Online and see someone hacking or using a trainer, the best bet is to report them and join a different lobby.

Source: Reddit [1] & [2], Rockstar Support, and Inquisitr

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jdm_freek on May 05, 2015 19:58
this crap needs to stop if you want to mod your own game for single player that's fine but when you start doing this for multiplayer it ruins the entire game play for everyone else and it's going to kill online gaming

and this is the exact reason why I am very selective which games I play online and refuse to play GTA 5 online

and instead of i_p bans they should also pull the software license from their computer if they did so this stuff would stop immediately

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