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GTA V Looks Amazing at 6K

Category: Gaming
Posted: 07:43AM

Just over a month ago, 4K screenshots for GTA V were revealed to the public that successfully showed off some impressive environments within the PC version of the game. About a month ago, a 60FPS trailer for GTA V was released by Rockstar, which provided more of want gamers wanted to see before the official release of the game. Now, PC Gamer has been kind enough to capture some 6K screenshots of GTA V. The screenshots primarily cover various outdoor environments present within GTA V, but still manage to show off just how beautiful the game can look when running on some of the best hardware currently available to consumers.

The included screenshots have been reduced in size, but the original 6K screenshots can be viewed by clicking on the source link.

Source: PC Gamer

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WarWeeny on May 04, 2015 15:03
what resolution is 6K?
bp9801 on May 04, 2015 15:59

what resolution is 6K?



WarWeeny on May 04, 2015 19:34
That is quite the resolution lol, I wonder when we will have 6K and maybe even 8K panels O.o One could only dream of the price those will cost xD
bp9801 on May 04, 2015 20:49

The RED Epic Dragon cameras shoot in 6K, and I think they have one for 8K (7680x4320) now, too. Astro Design has an 8K camera as well. Right now I think only Sharp has an 8K TV; showed it off at CES a while back. Japanese broadcaster NHK has been testing out 8K for nearly two decades now and hopes to have some test broadcasts ready next year. Most likely full broadcasts in 8K won't begin until 2018 or later, so still a bit to go. By the time the Olympics roll into Tokyo in 2020, I imagine there will be both 4K and 8K feeds available.

WarWeeny on May 04, 2015 21:34
What a time to be alive.

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