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AMD Zen CPU Core Block Diagram Finds Its Way Online

Category: CPU's
Posted: 08:35PM

We have had some news lately about AMD's Zen CPU line, with today bringing one that is especially interesting. First things first, this information is from an unverified slide, but if true sounds extremely promising. It seems a block diagram of the Zen CPU has found its way online, which compares Zen to AMD's final Bulldozer part, the Excavator. The upcoming AMD Carrizo APUs will be the last of the Bulldozer line and should launch later this year. A big difference between the Zen and Excavator lines is that Zen only has one integer cluster instead of two, which puts it more in line with older Phenom and Athlon K chips in terms of internal layout. This should greatly help out in floating point performance, since instead of two cores sharing one floating point unit, each core has its own.

Both floating point and integer performance should see a boost this way, with single threaded performance likely surpassing the Bulldozer line. The floating point for Zen has two FMAC 256-bit units that could work together for 512-bit AVX floating point instructions. Less complex process instructions should be handled twice as fast as Bulldozer, too. A 50% wider integer pipeline compared to Excavator is also present, which again will help with single threaded performance.

Again, all of this is based on an unverified slide, but it certainly sounds like the Zen CPUs will be something to keep an eye on when they launch next year.

Source: WCCFtech

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