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AMD Godavari Refresh Platform Spotted

Category: CPU's
Posted: 07:10AM

While the Kaveri lineup by AMD has continued to impress gamers with its built-in Radeon graphics engine based on the GCN 1.1 architecture, a platform refresh is just on the horizon. Computerbase.de has announced that it has spotted the Kaveri-Refresh platform, which is officially known as Godavari, boasting the newer JC stepping. The upcoming platform, which is expected to use the FM2+ form-factor, will feature the same design as Kaveri, such as "Steamroller" x86 cores, a dual-channel DDR3 memory controller, heterogeneous system architecture capabilities, and the aforementioned Radeon graphics engine.

While the Godavari lineup was originally expected to feature a new 8000 series nomenclature, it looks like AMD will be sticking with the 7000 series naming scheme for unknown reasons. Below is a table that features the leaked SKU specifications of the Godavari platform before it was known that AMD was sticking with the current 7000 series nomenclature.

Godavari CPU Cores CPU Clock Base/Boost L2 Cache GPU/Cores GPU Clock TDP
AMD A10-8850K 4 3.7/4.1GHz 4MB R7/512 856MHz 95W
AMD A10-Pro 8850B 4 3.7/4.1GHz 4MB R7/512 800MHz 95W
AMD A8-8650 4 3.2/3.8GHz 4MB R7/384 760MHz 65W
AMD A8-8650K 4 3.2/3.5GHz 4MB R7/384 760MHz 95W
AMD A10-8750 4 3.0/3.5GHz 4MB R7/512 TBD 65W
AMD A6-8550K 2 3.1/3.5GHz 2MB R5/256 TBD 65W
AMD A10 PRO-8750B 4 3.0/3.5GHz 4MB R7/512 TBD 65W
AMD A8 PRO-8650B 4 2.9/3.2GHz 4MB R7/384 760MHz 65W
AMD A6 PRO-8550B 2 3.1/3.5GHz 2MB R5/256 TBD 65W
AMD A4 PRO-8350B 2 3.0/3.5GHz 2MB R5/256 757MHz 65W
AMD Athlon X4 870K 4 3.5/3.7GHz 2MB N/A N/A 95W
AMD Athlon X4 850 4 2.9/3.2GHz 2MB N/A N/A 65W

Source: WCCFtech


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