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More Details Appear for AMD's Rumored 16 Core APU

Category: CPU's
Posted: 10:05AM

A couple weeks back a rumor appeared that AMD was working on a new APU featuring 16 Zen cores and a Greenland GPU. It would also feature HBM and DDR4 support, but not a whole lot else was known. Now some new rumors have turned up on this APU, and it seems even more fantastical. This APU would have up to 16 Zen x86 cores with 32 threads, with 512KB of L2 cache per core and 32MB of L3 cache. It also has AMD Crypto Co-Processor and Secure Boot, which would make this more of a server chip than desktop. On the graphics side, a Greenland GPU is along for the ride, as is 16GB of HBM with 512GB/s bandwidth for just the graphics. A double precision compute rate of 1/2 is also expected, which again points to this being a server chip, especially when you factor in the possibility of ECC, RAS, and true HSA support.

DDR4 support of up to 1TB would be possible, with speeds at 3200MHz. An impressive 64 lanes of PCIe 3.0 would be available, with up to 16 lanes being split between SATA and SATA Express. Both the CPU and GPU would be able to share the cache, HBM, and system RAM, which would help boost performance to high levels.

Now, all of this does sound rather impressive and would be one amazing APU from AMD, but all of this is just rumor. It's based on a slide that may or may not be a total fabrication, and if it is true, odds are we won't see this in its full capacity on the desktop market. Servers could, maybe in 2017 or later, but desktops would probably have a stripped down version to fit in an affordable price range. Either way, whether it is all true or not, take it with a grain of salt and hope we get official news at some point.

Source: Fudzilla via WCCFtech

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