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Adam Jensen Returns in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

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Posted: 10:41AM

Last year Eidos said the Deus Ex universe would be expanding, and over the weekend a teaser site went up for a new Square Enix project that showed something was on the way from a Western studio. Then a leak appeared and soon the official reveal: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided. This sequel to Deus Ex: Human Revolution once again comes from Eidos Montreal, and is set two years after the events of DX:HR. Adam Jensen is back and this time is teamed with Interpol's new Task Force 29, a branch aimed at cutting off augmention-based terrorism at its knees. This government-backed group means Jensen has access to a whole suite of new augmentions and weapons, which includes his arm blades that can now be fired like a crossbow, a non-lethal PEPS gun in his arm to knockout enemies, a Titan Shield to turn him into a walking tank, and plenty more.

However, even with Jensen doing field missions for Task Force 29 against the Illuminati, he isn't entirely sold on them being the only option. He feeds information to a loosely affiliated group of hackers, activists, and international spies called The Juggernaut Collective that is trying to expose the Illuminati's machinations, and it's this group that Jensen belives has vital information to his mission. Like in typical Deus Ex fashion, both Task Force 29 and The Juggernaut Collective give Jensen missions that conflict in their goals, with neither group being 100% trustworthy. Jensen acts as a double agent and must decide on who to side with, and ultimately which one to trust and believe more than the other. There are, of course, people to talk to in order to get an even better picture of what's going on, and these stories may influence your choices, not just in missions, but overall.

The exact ending Eidos Montreal is using in Mankind Divided isn't narrowed down, since the developer isn't disclosing which one it feels is canon. It's stringing together aspects from all of Human Revolution's endings in order to create the cultural landscape of DX:MD. It is worth pointing out that in official lore, Panachea was destroyed and crashed into the Arctic Ocean, with augmented people being blamed for "terrorist" attack. The augmented people, transhumans, were quickly treated as second-class citizens, and it is this world that we find in Mankind Divided.

The rather poor boss fights of DX:HR are gone for good, as boss fights in Mankind Divided allow for players to approach them however they wish. Side quests, while optional, are meaningful and may impact the story later on. Early on, if Jensen decides to deal with a criminal organization, for example, the mob boss may call in a favor later on that could take Jensen away from his main mission. Likewise, if someone Jensen helps early in the game mentions there's a risk to it, later on that NPC could explain just what the consequences of your actions were for them.

In terms of gameplay, you should be happy to know Eidos Montreal reworked Mankind Divided to better integrate combat with stealth. Combat was not a strong element of DX:HR, but over the last several years the developer has changed it to become just as rewarding and polished as stealth. Everything that happens is unscripted, and the improved AI should help to make sure encounters do not play out the same. Enemies will coordinate attacks, their flanking positions, and require players to adapt on the fly to whatever the AI throws at them. Weapon customization has been improved as well, with  silencers, firing types, scopes, and more able to be switched out as the situation requires.

Deux Ex: Mankind Divided looks brilliant already, which is apparently thanks to the new Dawn Engine and DirectX 12. It also makes use of AMD's TressFX for the hair, as Eidos Montreal is teaming up with AMD to get the game looking its best.

More details on Deus Ex: Mankind Divided will be coming later on, but right now things are shaping up to be an excellent follow-up to the events of Human Revolution. If you're a Game Informer subscriber, you can read the cover story in the upcoming May issue, which is already out for digital subscribers. The magazine can also be bought on Kindle, Nook, and Zinio starting today. An exact release date is not known at this time, but Mankind Divided is slated to arrive for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Game Informer, WCCFTech, and Game Informer May Issue (Digital Copy)

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