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Apple Reverses Reversibility

Category: General News
Posted: 07:24AM

Apple has modified the reversible USB Type-C port and made a new USB 3.1.X standard, which features a directional bias. That's right, while you can still plug in a device up or down, you will get different speeds for which way the data is going. For faster uploads to the device, make sure the top is up, and for faster speeds taking from the drive, just flip it over. The port and device will still transfer data in both directions, no matter the alignment, but by dedicating additional resources to just one side, Apple claims it can ensure a better experience. The company said that as most people only use their devices for one thing at a time, this bias seemed only natural. Power transfer is unaffected, so you can plug in the Apple Watch whichever way you wish, as often as needed.

What has not yet been specified is if special USB Type-C adapters/devices will be required, or if this feature of USB 3.1.X is compatible with standard USB 3.1 devices. If you are concerned about knowing the best way to connect a USB 3.1.X-supported device, Apple says not to worry. The company revealed that the port will monitor the behavior of the device and will instruct the user to try it the other way, if it will improve performance.

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El_Capitan on April 01, 2015 14:31

It's crazy how different the directions Android and Apple are going. While Apple is going with Reversing Reversibility, Android is going with Forwarding Forwardability. So, all the transfer bandwidth ends up going one way, so you get USB 4.0 speeds on USB 2.0 devices. However, you'll need another USB 4.0 FF-type cable so you can transfer the other direction.

USB3Networks on April 15, 2015 21:01
Jim - I cannot seem to find the source ... or another corroborating piece of news. Am also not sure what Forwarding Forwardability means... Want to know more
bp9801 on April 15, 2015 21:23

This was posted on April Fool's Day and is a joke.

ir_cow on April 15, 2015 21:34

danm they got me 2 weeks later. I was smart to avoid all news on april 1st.

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