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Prototype Display with 3D Pixels Built

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 08:38AM

One of the latest goals in display technology has been 3D images, so that viewers can get a deeper sense of what they are seeing. The ultimate goal many are working toward is a 3D display that can achieve this without requiring the viewer to where special glasses. Researchers at the Vienna University of Technology and TriLite Technologies have recently made a prototype display capable of just that.

To create a 3D image, different images need to be sent to both of our eyes at the same time, as the differences give us the sense of depth. Normally this is achieved with polarized light and glass that have different polarizations for both eyes. This new technology instead directly sends different images to our eyes using a sophisticated laser system. The laser is aimed at a moveable mirror, which directs the light across the field of vision, and by modulating the intensity of the laser fast enough, our two eyes can see two different images. This also allows for the display to show multiple, 3D images as one walks around it, like with a real object, and if used in a billboard, could show people in different places completely different images.

The prototype display the researchers built only consists of 15 3D-Pixels, or Trixels, but the researchers say that scaling the technology up is not a problem. In fact they expect to have a second, larger prototype completed in the middle of the year, and a commercial launch in 2016.

Source: Vienna University of Technology

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