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PC Gamers, Be Prepared to Jump to Windows 10; DirectX 12 May Not Come to Windows 7

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:49PM

If you're an avid PC gamer like myself, you're likely eagerly awaiting the next iteration of Microsoft's DirectX API, DirectX 12 (DX12). Officially unveiled during GDC 2014 back in March, DX12 is poised to be the biggest jump since DX9 to DX10 thanks to improved CPU utilization, lower-level access, and more. But what is still unknown is what the operating system requirement will be. While all Microsoft devices will have DX12 support moving forward, including Xbox One and Windows-powered mobile devices, recent information indicates that Windows 7 will not be supported.

The claim that DX12 won't come to Windows 7 was made by AMD's Chief Gaming Scientist (yes, that's a real position) Richard Huddy, who let that tidbit slip during a PDXLAN presentation earlier in the month. His exact words were, "One thing that's not going to happen to [Windows 7] is DX12. Yup, DX12 is not coming to Windows 7." Yes, he outright said that, leaving no gray area. However, AMD told GameSpot earlier today that Huddy simply "misspoke," stating the following:

"There have been reports based on a video of Richard Huddy of AMD making speculative comments around DirectX 12 support on versions of Windows. Richard Huddy does not speak for Microsoft, and he was unfortunately speculating from Microsoft’s publication of key dates and milestones for Windows 7 lifecycle and mainstream support policy. Richard has no special insight into Microsoft’s Windows or DirectX roadmaps. Microsoft is a key, strategic partner for AMD and we’re continuously collaborating with them on DirectX 12."

It's highly likely that AMD is just trying to cover its ass right now, with Huddy likely letting private, NDA-covered information slip publicly. Windows 7 celebrated its fifth anniversary last month and mainstream support for the OS will cease in January 2015, so it is certainly highly likely DX12 will require Windows 8 or later, whether or not Huddy and AMD know the truth. So if you're like the majority of PC gamers who stuck with Windows 7 all this time, you may want to keep your eyes on Windows 10.

Source: PC Gamer and GameSpot

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