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New Material for Energy Storage and Hydrogen Production

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 12:10PM

Hydrogen is a fairly useful material, thanks to the number of compounds it is in and the ease with which it reacts. One hope for it is as a fuel for fuel cells, but before that can happen, we need an efficient means to produce hydrogen. Researchers at Rice University have recently created a new catalyst for pulling hydrogen from water, and this new material may have another use as well.

Molybdenum disulfide can be made into almost two-dimensional sheets, like graphene, but is three atoms tall. While a three-atom edge may not seem like much, it is actually a good catalyst for taking the hydrogen out of water. To that end, some groups have suggested using arrays of sheets to do just that, but the Rice researchers have developed a different plan. They have found a way to make porous sheets of molybdenum disulfide and with each pore comes more edge to react with.

This structure gives the material another application though, as a supercapacitor. Supercapacitors can quickly store and discharge electricity, making them of great interest for future energy technologies and energy-using devices.

Source: Rice University

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