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Bethesda's F2P Multiplayer Action Combat Game BATTLECRY Shown Off at PAX Australia

Category: Gaming
Posted: 06:59PM

PAX Australia was this weekend, and Bethesda brought along its upcoming free-to-play multiplayer action combat game BATTLECRY for visitors to enjoy. Exclusively for PC, BATTLECRY features team-based combat for up to 32 players. On the surface, BATTLECRY looks like a third-person Team Fortress 2, until you realize there are no guns. In fact, in the world of BATTLECRY, gunpowder has been outlawed and conflicts are settled in designated WarZones. Yes, the world's superpowers have decided how and where to slaughter each other. This far-fetched concept makes for a great game though.

BATTLECRY takes place in the early 20th century and its world and characters have a very stylized, almost cel-shaded look. A lot of the landscape seems intentionally drab to allow the plentiful blood splatter to really pop. The new pre-alpha gameplay video shows off the game's first three classes: Enforcer, Tech Archer, and Duelist. The Enforcer wields a massive sword that transforms into a shield, making him the perfect tank. The Tech Archer fires bolts and arrows for those who would rather keep their distance. The Duelist wields dual swords and can cloak, making her the lethal, but fragile rogue of the group. There's also The Brawler, who uses his mechanical arms to unleash brutal punches, making him more offensive than the Enforcer, and the Gadgeteer, who wields a magnetic gauss gun for some electrifying results.

BATTLECRY is expected to enter Beta next year, so be sure to head to the official site to sign up.

Source: Bethesda Blog and Official Site

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