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Magnetic Majority Logic Gate Created

Category: Science & Technology
Posted: 02:31PM

For years silicon chips and transistors have been used to build computers, but this may change in the future as modern technologies reach their limits. Exactly what the future may bring is hard to predict though, as there are many contenders and some are quite different from what we have today. Now one of these contenders has gotten quite a boost from researchers at the Technische Universität München and the University of Notre Dame, as they have successfully created a majority logic gate from a 3D stack of nanomagnets.

Single magnets have their own magnetic field, but when multiple are brought together, their individual fields will couple into one. The majority logic gate works by holding three nanomagnets in a fixed position, with a fourth free to move nearby. That free nanomagnet will flip its orientation depending on the orientation of the majority of the fixed nanomagnets, hence the name. Potentially a majority logic gate could be used as a programmable switch in a digital circuit, especially if combined with domain wall gates, which the researchers have been working on for years, as they enable the routing, buffering, and synchronization of signals in magnetic circuits.

There are many promising aspects to this technology, including low energy consumption, resistance to radiation, and being non-volatile. It also lends itself well to vertical stacking to improve scalability and packing density, and by using coupled fields transistors the contacts and wiring of transistors are not required.

Source: Technische Universität München

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